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Dental Care For All Ages

Whatever your child’s age, it’s never too early to get them into good oral care habits. Here at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie, we welcome children of all ages to our dental clinic to build the foundations of a lifetime of the best children’s dental healthcare.

Making Children’s Dentistry Fun!

We can show your child that brushing and taking care of their teeth can be enjoyable. We talk to them in simple terms that they can understand, and show them how to care for their teeth.

For that first visit to the dentist, we let your child explore the space and show them all the cool stuff we have in our dental office. We get them to learn through exploration, to see that dental care is something that they want to do (and of course, we try to get that first checkup done, too).

Our team at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie will help parents to build a dental healthcare plan for their children that begins with the appearance of their first tooth, and helps to ensure that their child enjoys life, pain and cavity-free. We can also share tips with parents to help ensure that pediatric oral care is something that anyone can do at home with their child, from choosing the best snacks and drinks for the best oral and dental care and cavity prevention, to how to make daily care a routine that your child enjoys.

Should your child need any treatment, we will make sure that from start to finish, both you and your child understand what will happen and make the process as pleasant as it can be. We use nitrous oxide to sedate children for pediatric dental treatments, as this has been proven to minimize any trauma and anxiety your child may have when visiting the dentist in their early years.

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Building The Foundations Of Outstanding Children’s Dentistry In Grande Prairie

The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children visit the dentist before they are three years of age, to help protect their teeth and build the foundations of good oral care, and to learn to not fear their dental appointments. From this stage, your child should be visiting us every six months for regular checkups.

Here at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie, we believe that good dental care begins soon after birth and that daily brushing, twice daily, flossing and using the correct, age-appropriate dental products can help build the best foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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