Family Dentistry

Dental Care for the Whole Family

No of your child’s age, it’s never too early to instill proper dental hygiene practices in them. Children of all ages are welcome at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie to lay the groundwork for receiving the greatest children’s dental care for the rest of their lives.

Making dental care for kids enjoyable!

We can demonstrate to your child how fun it can be to clean their teeth and take care of them. We explain how to take care of their teeth to them in plain language that they can understand.

We let your child explore the area during their first visit to the dentist and show them all the cool things we have here. Through investigation, we help them discover that getting dental care is something they want to do (and of course, we work to get that first checkup completed as well).

Our staff at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie will work with parents to create a plan for their children’s dental care that starts with the eruption of their first tooth. Our goal is to make sure that their child lives pain- and cavity-free. We may also give parents advice on how to provide pediatric oral care for their children at home, including how to make daily care a routine that your kids look forward to and how to choose the best snacks and drinks for oral and dental health and cavity prevention.

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Pleasant Pediatric Dental Treatment

Should your kid require treatment, we will make sure that everything is explained to you and your child along the way and that the experience is as pleasant as possible. Since nitrous oxide has been shown to lessen any trauma and anxiety your child may have when seeing the dentist in their early years, we utilize it to sedate kids for pediatric dental procedures.

Creating The Foundation For Grande Prairie’s Outstanding Children’s Dentistry

All children should see a dentist before the age of three, according to the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, to help safeguard their teeth, lay the groundwork for good oral hygiene, and help them learn to look forward to their visits rather than dread them. From this point on, your child should come in for routine checkups every six months.

In our opinion at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie, the best foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles can be laid by daily brushing, twice daily flossing, and the use of the right, age-appropriate dental products. Good dental hygiene should start soon after birth.

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