How Does a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth?

There are many degrees of chipped teeth. If your chip is notsevere the tooth can be repaired using cosmetic dental bondingor porcelain veneers tofix your tooth. Both dental bonding and porcelain veneers are durable and stain-resistant andare a quick way to cosmetically fix your tooth. For severe injury to a tooth,you may require root canal treatment and a dental crown or dental filling tosave and restore your tooth’s function. In rare cases, extraction and toothreplacement may be necessary. At Today’s Dental we provide exceptional care andour priority is to always save your natural tooth. We only resort to extractionif absolutely necessary.  We are thepreferred dentist in GrandPrairie, and offer same-day appointments to accommodate urgent oremergency dental issues.

Teeth are very strong, but they can chip for a variety ofreasons. Teeth can chip from falling, from an injury, chewing hard foods, toothdecay, or even teeth grinding. Whatever the reason may be a chipped toothshould be addressed right away. Most patients seek repair for cosmetic reasons,but there are some patients that delay treatment.

Chipped teeth should be repaired to prevent further damageto the tooth’s structure and to prevent future chips from occurring. Deep chipscan affect the nerve’s function inside the tooth and may cause pain ordiscomfort. If you notice your tooth is discolored or has spots on the enamel,you may need more extensive treatment such as a root canal to repair and saveyour tooth.

What Are the Symptoms and Risks for Having Chipped Teeth?

If you have a chipped tooth there are symptoms you can lookfor to indicate you need to contact your dentist. Patients that experience anyof these symptoms are encouraged to contact our office to be seen right away.

·      Pain and sensitivity while eating or chewing

·      Inflammation or discomfort around the chippedtooth

·      Sensitivity to hot or cold

·      Throbbing pain around the area

·      Sensitivity to sweets or foods high in sugar

How Can I Care for a Chipped Tooth?

While you wait to be seen at the dentist there are things youcan do to minimize pain and discomfort at home. If you have a chipped front tooth orback tooth you should avoid biting down on any hard foods. You can rinse yourmouth with warm water to help keep the area clean, and a cold compress can beused to help with inflammation and swelling. Cracked or chipped teeth shouldalways be addressed right away. Never hesitate to contact our office if you arein need of chipped toothrepair. Our team can help save your tooth, and get you feeling back tonormal quickly.

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