All-Purpose Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards For All Purposes

Whether you need an overnight mouth guard or one for sports, Today’s Dental Grande Prairie, has you covered. We can provide customized mouthguards for our patients, and comprehensive advice on how to use and care for them. We ensure that your new mouth guard will be suitable for daily use and stand up to regular wear and tear and be a comfortable fit. We can also supply pediatric mouthguards for children who play sports or need overnight protection against teeth grinding and wear.

Sports Mouth Guards in Grande Prairie

Many of our patients require a mouth guard to protect themselves when playing or participating in contact sports like football, baseball, or hockey. Even surprisingly low or non-contact sports can accidentally lead to serious injury or to tooth chipping or breaking, so adequate mouth protection is essential.

While most people only require a mouth guard for their upper teeth, in some instances (for those who wear braces, for example), a mouth guard for both upper and lower teeth may be advised.

Whatever your need, here at Today’s Dental, we can help you to find the right mouth guard for you, that is custom-made to your needs. Whether you are a professional sports player or an enthusiastic amateur, injuries to gums and teeth are a common occurrence and a good sports mouthguard can help protect against such injuries.

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Dental night guards at Today’s Dental Grande Prairie

Many of our patients grind their teeth at night or suffer from a condition called TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, which can cause chronic facial pain and subconscious teeth and jaw clenching (bruxism), leading to often debilitating joint pain and headaches.

A customized mouth guard for use overnight can help to alleviate the symptoms and brings relief to many of our patients.

Mouth Guard Care

When you visit us for your custom mouth guard, our team will show you how to care for your dental mouth guard, with daily cleaning and hygiene to ensure that your mouth guard protects against infection and tooth decay.

Your mouth guard will be made for your unique profile and will need replacing regularly to ensure that it offers the correct protection and continues to fit both your mouth and your needs.

You will need to bring your mouth guard to your dental appointments so that your dentist can ensure that it is still suitable and can advise if it needs replacing, and assess it fits adequately if any dental procedures are completed.

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